The Dynamic Legal Recovery Firm has added a membership to the American Staffing Association to its growing list of prestigious associates. The American Staffing Association is an organization that not only supports the staffing industry companies of our nation, the ASA historically advocated to the U.S. Department of Labor for the progress of the industry.

The inaugural board of directors were sent to Washington to the U.S. Labor Board to establish an Institute of Temporary Services. Under presidents Nixon and Ford, The ASA helped to calm and resolve issues with the U.S. Employment services. Today, The ASA is seen as a champion to the Temporary Staffing community as a voice to and in government, in the media as well as the public.

Staffing Agencies are a good partner to companies and employees alike. Companies can enjoy the following benefits from using a Staffing Agency:

  • Experienced Experts in seeking out, screening and retaining quality workers.
  • Cost reduction as the agency assumes the pre-employment costs of testing, background investigations and drug screening. Also, by maintaining payroll processing, benefits and other human resources administrative duties, companies receive added savings.
  • Large network of skilled, dependable and experienced workers.
  • Retention by means of “trying out” an employee to ensure a match of needs and focus for both the employee and the company.

Members of the workforce get to enjoy services that help them attain work experience and supplement income while looking for permanent work.

The Dynamic Legal Recovery Firm is proud and excited to align with an organization so strongly advocating for the promotion of the working people of our country. Our company aligns its work and its team with similar companies and services that strive to offer a higher quality of service. Because the DLR Firm is dedicated to offering the highest quality of debt collection, investigative and legal services to our current and future customers, our customers receive top professional and legal services that help keep their companies thriving and able to maintain and employ new workers to support their industry.